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We’ve all seen alien movies, right? Science fiction movies have pounded away this subject like an abusive uncle. It isn’t a bad thing, it has just been done a lot. What were to happen if you had a movie where the alien, who is usually feared because of his sense of unknown, was a down to earth/pot smoking dude. Well, hey, that is where Paul comes in.

Paul is a refreshing sci-fi/comedy that puts two British super-nerds (Simon Pegg and Nick Frost) in a situation they would have only dreamed of.

It begins with two friends, Clive and Graeme (Frost and Pegg), coming to America from their homeland of Britain to visit the world famous Comic Con. In the midst of their nerdgasms and their touring of alien hot spots, Clive and Graeme have a close encounter with an alien named Paul (voiced by Seth Rogen). Paul is on the run from the government and he asks the two dumbfounded Brits to take him with on what turns out to be a hilarious take on a road trip movie.

For my own thoughts, I think Paul itself is a fantastic mixture of your classic road trip comedy, with a little awe and wonder of the likes of Steven Spielberg. The jokes in the movie are very funny and pretty memorable. The cast is fantastic, with Pegg, Frost, and Rogen being the mains stars who lead the way, to Jason Bateman, Bill Hader, and Jo Lo Truglio having their own scenes of hilarity.

There wasn’t really much I didn’t like about Paul. Most of what I didn’t laugh at was references that I did not get, for I am not the biggest nerd. From what I understand of nerdism from television, they seem to be on top of their game with making references to Star Trek, Star Wars, and other nerdy delights. They didn’t let the nerdiness control the film though.

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Blu-Ray Package:

Video: Universal gives us a very fine looking 1080p transfer. The landscapes look fantastic and the detail is very good. You can see every wrinkle on Paul’s “space-man-balls” (not really). Paul looks fantastic and very detailed, which gives him that sense of actually being there, even though he isn’t.

Audio: Paul has a DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 surround track thanks to Universal. It stays true to the primary front speakers as you would expect for a comedy, but the scenes of action thrown in have your fix of gun blasts and explosions mixed well in the surround speakers.

Paul is loaded with lots of special features, all provided in HD.

  • Audio Commentary featuring Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Bill Hader, Greg Mottola, and Nira Park: Actually quite humorous being that Pegg and Frost throw in their British humor making silly comments on the film.
  • Bloopers: It is what you expect it to be, the cast messing up their lines of having trouble holding in their laughter.
  • Between The Lightning Strikes: The Making of Paul: A documentary going through the whole production of the movie, covering the creation of Paul, all the way to the wrap party at the end. It is pretty interesting and entertaining to watch if you are intrigued by the the movie.
  • Behind the Scenes: Divided into separate sections. Here you have featurettes of casting, director Greg Mottola, the animation team who helped build Paul, and much more. Again, like the documentary, I would watch if you are interested in more of how Paul is made.
  • The Evolution of Paul: Another “making of” video going through Paul’s character, what the other cast had to do to act out scenes with him, and more on the production of him.
  • Simon’s Silly Face’s: Just a bunch of clips of Simon Pegg making silly faces. Carry on.
  • Who the Hell is Adam Shadowchild?: A brief video combining scenes from the movie about Science Fiction writer Adam Shadowchild. All of the books named in the movie are surprisingly real. Here I thought he was a made up character for a few laughs.
  • Trailers: All sorts of trailers from theatrical, to red band, to UK, to TV spots.
  • Galleries: Features pictures from road trips, behind the scenes, storyboards, and posters.
  • Paul Features an Unrated and Theatrical version of the movie. Though the difference is very little. I barely noticed any change.

Overall, I would say Paul brings a nerds fantasy to life. How awesome would it be to meet an alien? Plus the fact that he is a down to earth and chill person. Greg Mottola and his team did a fantastic job of taking a computer animation and giving it life and personality. The Unrated Cut is almost not needed. There are only one or two new scenes I noticed and a few extra lines. None of which excelled the film into anything edgier than it already was. Paul features a great transfer on to home video and I would for sure recommend it to you if you like the movie and want something loaded with special features.

Movie- Theatrical Cut – 8.5/10, Unrated Cut – 8.5/10

Video – 9/10

Audio – 9/10

Special Features – 9/10

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