Part One Of Sony’s Super Bowl Spot For ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’


This Sunday, Sony will be releasing a Super Bowl spot for their upcoming film, The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Today, we’ve got part one of that spot. I’m not exactly sure what else they’re holding onto until then, but what we’ve got here is enough CGI footage to please any Spidey fan.

Seriously, there’s lots and lots of computer-generated effects on screen and I’m not all too impressed just yet. This is coming from someone that enjoyed the reboot a great deal.

I don’t mind the small handful of baddies or the fact that the story is barely given any space to breathe, but I do mind the CG and how shoddy it looks. I know that the effects are far from complete, but you’d think that the studio would polish them up a bit, especially since that’s what 90% of this Super Bowl spot consists of.

Are you excited for the film after checking out the footage?


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