Parker Trailer: Another Jason Statham Action Flick

Unlike most film-lovers, I’ve got no beef with Jason Statham. I actually think he’s one of the most talented actors working in the action genre. When most known stars choose to take big checks for PG-13-friendly action films Statham is seen working day and night on various R-rated projects that might or might not see a theatrical release.

He makes movies by the dozens and occasionally one or two of them are pretty damn awesome, like Safe. Most people just dismiss him immediately because of his consistent work rate, but I simply approach his projects with caution.

Parker is his latest venture and he’s joined by Jennifer Lopez and Nick Nolte. This one screams late 90s and that sort of comforts me. Anyone remember Lopez in Out of Sight?!

Parker opens on January 25th, 2013.

Watch the trailer below, via CHUD:

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