‘Paranormal Activity 5’ Pushed Back Until NEXT October, Latino Spin-Off Coming In Jan. Instead


Paramount has been banging out a new Paranormal Activity film ever single year since the first one opened extremely well back in 2007. Now, it looks like they’ve actually ran out of ideas for the fifth film, which was supposed to drop into cinemas this October.

Paranormal Activity 5 has now been pushed back until October of 2014, which gives the studio enough time to figure out a script and a possible director.

I find this news refreshing, because for once they might actually be concerned with the film’s quality and story. The last few PA films have all sucked pretty badly. If I’m being completely honest I’ll just say that all of them have been pretty mediocre at best.

Paramount will however release a Latino spin-off this January, which will somehow tie into the PA franchise to keep it fresh in the audiences heads.

Here’s the post-credits scene from Paranormal Activity 4, which is the start of the Latino spin-off:

Source : Bloody-Disgusting

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