Paranormal Activity 4 Getting The IMAX Treatment

One of the biggest gimmick releases I can remember is the IMAX release of Paranormal Activity 2. It did absolutely nothing to heighten the “terror” or enhance the “scares”, instead it simply made you pay $16.50 per ticket over the usual $10.00. It was the biggest waste ever, worse than any 3D conversion that I’ve ever seen.

Now, Paramount will be doing the same for Paranormal Activity 4. I sure hope they use this digital re-mastering to their advantage and either widen the scope or focus on the audio dynamics.

IMAX auditoriums have more than just upscale digital projectors. They usually have spectacular surround setups, which means louder thumps and deeper screams! The PA series should use this to their advantage and not simply try to capitalize on the surcharge premium added for IMAX presentations.

I know Steven Soderbergh‘s Contagion IMAX run was apparently one of the best to use the format effectively. I didn’t get to catch it, but those that did said it really made the fear of sickness that much more uncomfortable and real.

Hopefully studios find a way to use the format as something more than a gimmick. To this day Christopher Nolan seems to be the only one that is trying to advance the IMAX brand into something unique that you can’t get anywhere else.

Also, the studio is really pushing the “demand it” aspect of the marketing, which helped the first film see such a wide release. Make sure to go here and RSVP to the nearest screening so that you can check out the film early and for free!

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