Paramount Wants A ‘World War Z’ Sequel


When I was exiting my World War Z screening last week I remember hearing some man give the press reps a comment. He said something along the lines of, ” I can’t wait for the sequel.” This made me annoyed, because it just goes to show you that people cannot live in the moment.

They can’t enjoy this movie, because they’re already getting ready for the next one. This is partially to blame because of Hollywood’s obsession with sequels and reboots/prequels to already established franchises, but also because most mainstream audiences like things that are familiar and safe. I’m assuming it took a lot of courage for that guy to leave his comfortable home to venture out and see some massive-scaled zombie film, starring Brad Pitt.

But he did it and he made it out alive. Instead of asking for a “I survived the movie” medal or something of that matter he simply wants another one and soon.

Paramount must have taken the hint, because they want a sequel too. The film opened this past weekend to impressive numbers, which landed it in the number two spot.

Now, they’re actively developing a sequel, with plans to make a trilogy out of it. Pitt will return as a producer and most-likely the star too. I wonder if they’ll continue to harvest material from Max Brooks‘ novels or if they’ll stick with the name and come up with their own stuff?


Source : THR

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