Paramount Releasing Darren Aronofsky’s Cut Of ‘Noah’ To Theaters


Director Darren Aronofsky has been known for being very picky with his films. Up until now, he’s worked primarily in the indie field, which usually means that he has much more control over his films. He’s responsible for films like The Wrestler, Black Swan and The Fountain.

All great films with exact visions completely followed through by Aronofsky’s talent behind the lens.

Noah is by far his biggest production yet and most figured that father studio Paramount would have their fingers all over the project. Word is that they did and that they tested several cuts of the film and none of them were up to par.

Now, it seems that Paramount will be completely trusting Aronofsky by releasing his cut to theaters, without it being tested with audiences. This is a bold move by the studio and the right one without a doubt. Aronofsky himself said that this was the version of the film that he scripted and got greenlit, so it only makes sense to release this version to theaters.

Are you excited to see Aronofsky’s untouched vision on the big screen?

Noah opens on March 27th.

Source : THR


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