Paramount Confirms ‘Star Trek 4’, Plus Chris Hemsworth Returning To Series

Paramount is dropping Star Trek Beyond into theaters this Thursday, with early buzz coming in pretty strong. This might be the one that washes that taste out of our mouthes that was Star Trek Into Darkness, despite my recent re-watching revealing that the film isn’t THAT bad.

Still, people are saying that Beyond is much more in line with the original series, which brings hope and promise to fans around the globe.

This brings us to Paramount confirming Star Trek 4 is happening, with the original cast returning, plus the addition of Chris Hemsworth. For those of you that don’t remember, Hemsworth played Kirk’s father briefly before getting wiped out of the universe in the first film.

This means time travel is definitely coming to Star Trek 4.

I wonder how they plan on using this plot-pushing device? Will they smartly incorporate it into the universe at large or will this just be a cheap ploy to throw Hemsworth into the mix for a few minutes?


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