‘Out There’ Official Trailer

out there poster


We here at the Daily Rotation have always tried to be a friend to the independent filmmaker, and in the past, we’ve run reviews of films from the US, England, and Italy.  Today, I’m happy to bring you the trailer for a film called Out There from Ireland, directed by Randal Plunkett.  Plunkett runs Dunsay Productions in County Meath, Ireland, where his family castle resides (which is also the shooting location of this short), since Plunkett is descended from a long line of Barons and Lords.  His latest short film, Out There is a prequel for a feature film he plans to shoot soon.  This movie was shot in 4K on the RED Scarlet camera, and I must say it looks nice in the photography department, thanks to the work of cinematographer Stefano Battarola.  The synopsis for the short is below, and after that, you can check out the trailer which is also below.

“‘Out There’ is the story of Rob, played by  Conor Marren(True -D) who wakes up unconscious deep in the woods. He does not remember how he came to be there. As he wonders the beautiful quiet countryside, he is tormented by flashbacks of events leading up to his predicament, particular the moments he spent with long term girlfriend Jane, Played by one of Ireland’s most promising actresses, Emma Eliza Regan( Love Eternal, Fading Light,Tin Can Man) . As Rob wonders, he realizes something is deeply wrong, since there appears to be no one around. Now he must re trace his steps to find out the truth.”

As I said, the feature sequel is gearing up for production this year, but in the meantime, I should be able to soon get a look at this short, which I will review as part of our ongoing attempt to keep up with what’s next in world cinema.  As soon as we have more on the feature sequel to Out There we will be sure to pass word along.

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