Original ‘Evil Dead’ Series & Remake To Collide Down The Road?


This week the highly-discussed Evil Dead remake, directed by Fede Alvarez, hits theaters and is looking to grab some decent cash. The film has been hyped up for quite some time now and the general lack of any mainstream horror suggests that it’ll have a healthy run at the box office.

What’s weird is that original Evil Dead director Sam Raimi recently spoke out on making Evil Dead 4, even though Alvarez’s remake now exists and he plans on making a sequel to that one.

Things get more interesting when we tie this together with what Bruce Campbell has mentioned about possibly merging the two series’ together for a seventh Evil Dead film.

This would be crazy, because there would need to be a lot of closely-followed tie in to make sure this all lines up. I’ve seen the new Evil Dead and I can certainly see how they managed to make a remake without erasing the previous films, but I’m still scratching my head as to how they’re going to make an Evil Dead 4 and an Evil Dead 2 (sequel to the remake) and then bring it all together for one concluding film.

Interesting news that I’m not sure will ever make it to the big screen, especially if Raimi attaches himself to too many other projects. He’s been talking about an Evil Dead 4 for years and I’m almost starting to believe that it just won’t happen.

Would you be interested in seeing the two adaptations collide later down the road?

Source : /Film

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