Oren Peli’s ‘Area 51’ Is Still Coming


Oren Peli blew up the horror world with the incredibly lucrative found-footage film Paranormal Activity. Since then, he’s gone on to produce various hits (and misses) in both the world of film and television.

He once announced that his next film was going to be a cheaply made found-footage film called Area 51. Nothing ever really came of the film, or so we thought.

Recent reports confirm that the film is completed and being toyed with in post-production. Producer Jason Blum spilled the beans and now it looks like we can at the very least hope for the day that the film reaches an audience in some capacity.

I’ve always been interested with Area 51 and aliens in general and I hope Peli can do what he did to the found-footage ghost sub-genre to the found-footage alien sub-genre. We just don’t get enough good horror flicks surrounding aliens.

Here’s the quote:

It exists! We made it! We’re futzing with the movie in post production. Paranormal Activity, remember, it was made about four years before it came out, so Oren likes to tinker, and he’s still tinkering, but hopefully one day we’ll both see the finished version!

Source : We Got This Covered


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