Oren Peli’s ‘Area 51’ Gets A Release Date & Trailer

Oren Peli directed Paranormal Activity and has had his hand in producing many found-footage horror films in the last decade. He’s definitely been an influence on modern horror and yet he hasn’t directed anything since Paranormal Activity.

There was lots of talk about Area 51, which was a film that he apparently started filming in 2009 and has been toying with ever since.

Well, it looks like the film is finally getting released, with a VOD platform launch scheduled for mid May as well as a very limited weekend engagement at all Alamo Drafthouse cinemas at the same time.

Today, we’ve not only been given those release tidbits, but also a trailer, which looks just as exciting as every other found footage film. I’ve always been big into the whole Area 51 craze, so I think seeing it take this long for a film to be released about it is kind of interesting and I really hope that it isn’t just full of quick cuts and no actual reveals.

Are you excited to check it out?

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