Official Trailer & Poster For ‘Blair Witch’


Lionsgate might just be the king of marketing. In a day and age of boring posters and movie trailers that spoil all but the last few minutes, we are greeted with a genius marketing campaign.

Let’s back track for a few mins. Adam Wingard has been working on a mysterious horror film called The Woods. They released a brief teaser trailer and even dropped a simplistic, yet creepy poster on us.

Just recently, it screened at Comic-Con and then and only then was the true secret revealed.

The Woods is actually a sequel to The Blair Witch Project, which is THE found-footage film that literally started it all.

Yep, apparently the film reveals that information early on.

With that comes the release of a new trailer, titled Blair Witch, plus a re-working of the original poster.

Absolutely genius.

Suddenly, I’m even more excited to check this film out when it hits theaters in September.


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