Official Trailer And Poster For Woody Allen’s ‘Blue Jasmine’

blue jasmine 3

Oscar-winning writer and director Woody Allen has returned back to the states for his upcoming film Blue Jasmine. While details about the film have been at an absolute minimum these last few months, the trailer reveals a little about what the film is about. The trailer and poster are posted below.

Cate Blanchett stars as a New York housewife who seems to have all she wants until it’s discovered that her husband Hal (Alec Baldwin) is a crook. After becoming “dead broke”, she moves to San Francisco to stay with her sister (Sally Hawkins). Shortly after moving in, she has a nervous breakdown.

Throughout his career, Woody Allen has made a few gems and, unfortunately, a few disappointments. While his last film To Rome With Love could be categorized as a disappointment, Blue Jasmine looks like it could be a gem. The film features a strong ensemble cast that includes Bobby Cannavale, Louis C.K., Andrew Dice ClayPeter Sarsgaard, and Michael Stuhlbarg.

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Sony Pictures Classics will be releasing Blue Jasmine into limited theaters on July 26th. What do you think of the trailer?

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