Official Snapchat App For Windows Phone Could Be Coming, Plus 6snap BETA Update Adds New Features

Snapchat for Windows Phone

Man, sometimes it’s really tough being a Windows Phone user. Sure, we only account for 4% of the smartphone market, but that doesn’t mean that we should be ignored, especially with Microsoft pumping loads and loads of cash and time/effort into developing the OS and the applications that run on it.

Seriously, Microsoft has been bending over backwards to score big apps like Vine and Instagram, yet when the official apps hit the marketplace, they hit with a soft thud as they lack many features that are on their iOS and Android counterparts.

The official Instagram app has been in “beta” ever since it launched, which means no direct messaging (who even does this anyways?) or videos. Not a big deal, since WP developer Rudy Huyn is constantly keeping us in the mix, with 6tag and 6sec, but it wouldn’t hurt to see the official apps getting some love too.

Which brings me to one of the most popular and widely used apps on all marketplaces today, Snapchat. Just last week, the app received a fairly large overhaul for its iOS and Android versions, which brought forward a new way of messaging, which now allows text and even in-the-moment videoing, which are both fantastic concepts that I’m not quite sure are going to pay off just yet.

For starters, the timeline or feed of snaps is now more confusing than ever, with snap history disappearing after you close out of the thread, meaning good luck at remembering what your last conversation was with a certain person and when you last sent something.

This is neither here nor there for us Windows Phone users, because Snapchat still is nowhere to be seen on the Windows Store. Again, Rudy Huyn has an winning third-party app called 6snap, which does so much more than the official apps, but it would really be awesome to get something official.

Microsoft is apparently “talking” to the guys over at Snapchat, according to Joe Belfiore. That simply means that an app could be developed at some point, if things go smoothly, meaning that we might see something official by the end of the year and even then, it could be lacking major features, if it follows the path of other popular services.

Still, Rudy is in it to win it yet again, releasing 6snap BETA, which currently features the messaging part of the new Snapchat update, with video capabilities coming soon, according to the speedy developer. This is again great, but still shows troubled signs for the third-place mobile operating system that just can’t seem to catch a break.

Hopefully, Windows Phone 8.1 makes a big enough dent to interest more developers and people in general in the operating system, which I think is the quickest and most personal OS yet, especially after the 8.1 update.

Any readers out there enjoying their Snapchat update on iOS or Android? Or are you a firm Windows Phone supporter like I, hoping to get into the mix before it’s too late?

Source : Windows Phone Central

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