‘Oblivion’ Gets An IMAX Poster


TRON: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski‘s latest film Oblivion is almost here. The Tom Cruise-starring sci-fi action flick is being released on April 19th and today we’ve got an IMAX poster for the film. I love when IMAX does up these special posters, because they’re usually simplistic in design, without all of those annoying floating heads or taglines.

This is looking like something that I might need to trek out to the MN Zoo IMAX for, even though it was cropped for IMAX presentation and not shot natively.

I’m still worried about the film’s secretive story, because my bets on the reveal are weak and I sure hope it doesn’t turn out the way that I think it’s going to. Hopefully Kosinski has learned from TRON: Legacy, because visually he’s a more-than-capable director, but when it comes to the stories of his films he certainly has a ways to go before reaching perfection.

Oblivion opens on April 19th in traditional theaters and IMAX screens.


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