‘Oblivion’ Director Joseph Kosinski Re-Teaming With Tom Cruise For ‘Go Like Hell’


TRON: Legacy and Oblivion director Joseph Kosinski is looking to shake things up for his third feature, Go Like Hell. Up until this point, the director has proven his skills as a talented visionary that tends to lack majorly in the story department.

Oblivion looked great and sounded pretty bad ass too, but there was just nothing at its core.

Now, it looks like the director is re-teaming with Tom Cruise for Go Like Hell, which is a story about Ford and other automobile companies competing in the 60s for the majority of the market.

This project sounds drastically different than Kosinski’s previous two efforts and that reason alone is good enough for me to get behind.

Kosinski is a talented filmmaker, but he hasn’t learned much from his mistakes and I’d love to see him really break out.

Are you interested in the project, which was previously going to go to Michael Mann?

Source : The Wrap

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