Not One Frame Will Be Cut From Prometheus

Ridley Scott‘s Prometheus is coming just around the corner and with the release of the brand-new international trailer a lot of talk has started to form about the rating. You’d think Fox would want a PG-13 to appeal to the widest audience, but it’s looking like they’re backing off and giving Scott the freedom to choose his own rating.

Bad Ass Digest reports that Tom Rothman of Fox said the following on the rating for Prometheus:

“This I can tell you and I can tell all the fans, not one frame will be cut. The movie will be what it should be. We will not cut a frame of the film. We will stand behind it 100 percent and if that means it’s an R, then so be it, because not an ounce, not a percentage are we going to compromise the film.”

That sounds reassuring to me, but that doesn’t count out a watered down rating completely. Scott could get persuaded to chop a few pieces here and a few pieces there to make the film PG-13 for theatrical release and then promise an R-rated (or unrated) Director’s Cut for Blu-ray.

I guess I’m fine with whatever happens as long as it’s Scott’s true vision and not someone else telling him what to do. If the final cut of the film turns out PG-13 I’ll be perfectly fine with that, but something is telling me that this R-rated material. It looks far too dark and unsettling for PG-13.

Prometheus opens in theaters on June 8th, 2012.

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