Noomi Rapace Isn’t Returning For ‘Alien: Covenant’

Ridley Scott‘s The Martian has been stirring up quite the talk around this year’s Oscar season and rightfully so, because Scott has finally made an awesome movie, despite having several failures and disappointments released the past few years.

At least he keeps on churning out films, all of which vary in quality, but at least prove that the filmmaker has plenty of miles left in him.

He’s currently switching gears for his upcoming Prometheus sequel, titled Alien: Covenant.

It’s supposed to pick up some ten years after the events of Prometheus, which means that everybody’s favorite android David will be back, played by Michael Fassbender, but what about Dr. Shaw?

It appears that actress Noomi Rapace isn’t returning and we’re not exactly sure why.

Scott has confirmed with the following statement:

When asked whether the Swedish beauty would reprise her role, Ridley declared “no” and added to the Daily Mail newspaper: “We’re still casting the main roles.

I’m very curious to see where Scott will be going from here. Will the film simply be a headless David getting picked up by yet another crew of morons? Or will there be something else entirely?

Source : Yahoo! Movies

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