Nobody Review

  • Directing8.5
  • Writing8.5
  • Acting8.5

Nobody is John Wick with a more comedic tone, capitalizing on the talents of star Bob Odenkirk, without ever skipping an action beat. Director Ilya Naishuller delivers on the over-the-top and gruesome action, while writer Derek Kolstad pads the film with colorful characters and a seedy world to live in.

Director Ilya Naishuller (Hardcore Henry) returns to the action genre with Nobody, written by John Wick writer Derek Kolstad, produced by John Wick co-director/producer David Leitch and starring Better Call Saul‘s Bob Odenkirk. Think of Nobody as a comedic take on John Wick, blending together a world of kick ass assassins with an “everyday” guy just trying to let off a little steam. Odenkirk brings the comedic energy to the blood-soaked world that Kolstad has created, which makes for one hell of a good time.

Hutch Mansell (Bob Odenkirk) appears to be your ordinary guy. He’s a loving father and husband, drinking his daily coffee and almost always forgetting to take the garbage out on time. He works a mindless nine to five and sleeps with a pillow divider, which makes for a less-than-exciting realization of boring. He’s on auto-pilot and rarely cracks a big enough smile to register any sort of emotion.

All of that changes when his house gets robbed and he does absolutely nothing to stop the pair of thieves. His son attempts to tackle one, but Hutch barks him off and demands that they take what they want and leave.

This tips the scales from happy and peaceful to revengeful and jacked up as we quickly learn that Hutch was once an “auditor”, which is the last person you want to see knocking at your door. Long story short, he’s a retired assassin that has given up the life of killing for a family and now he’s suddenly thrown back into the mix, partially because someone stole his daughter’s kitty cat bracelet, but mostly because he misses the thrill of beating someone to death with a glass bottle or strangling them with a seatbelt.

Nobody has a familiar feel, starting with the ex assassin thrown back into a world he was once the king of, which includes a seedy underground of thugs and criminals. If it reminds you a lot of John Wick then don’t be alarmed, because it was written by John Wick writer Derek Kolstad and produced by John Wick co-director/producer David Leitch.

That means that Nobody shares a similar environment and reveal of characters, while also boasting some kick ass action. It’s not as focused on the hand-to-hand work that Keanu Reeves highlighted in the Wick films, but it does feature plenty of gun play and inventive camerawork to keep your heart racing.

Director Ilya Naishuller is no slouch when it comes to highlighting crazy and kinetic action, having shot the first-person actioner Hardcore Henry. He brings that same sense of creativity to Nobody, only this time adding thrills in a more traditional fashion, with the help of action movie writer veteran Derek Kolstad.

What separates Nobody from John Wick is Bob Odenkirk‘s colorful commentary. Odenkirk is a bit more versed in comedic roles compared to Reeves, which makes Nobody have a strong sense of humor and a perfect balance of comedy and action without ever becoming insulting or stupid.

Yes, this film is much lighter than any of the John Wick films. It’s also more over-the-top and wild, but it doesn’t water down the violence, which is rather mean-spirited at times — there are so many unique kills sprinkled throughout this film.

Nobody is a more compact slice of action, primarily focused on Odenkirk’s abilities. The world feels less “lived in” than a Wick entry, but its brisk pacing and gleeful violence is a welcoming taste of familiar that action film fans are going to gobble up.

Also, any movie that uses Christopher Lloyd and RZA as backup bad asses gets a strong pass from me. Watching them in their brief, but awesome appearances put a giant smile on my face and reminded me why I go to the movies.

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