Noam Murro To Direct 300 Spin-Off

It looks like Warner Brothers has chosen director Noam Murro (Smart People) to direct the 300 spin-off, 300: Battle of Artemisia (previously known as Xerses).

Looks like Noam Murro beat out director Jaum Collet-Serra (Unknown) for the film and an offer is expected to be made next week.

The film will be based on the upcoming novel by Frank Miller, which centers around the character of Xerses, who is looking for godhood after losing his father. Check out the full synopsis of the novel below, thanks to The Hollywood Reporter:

Artemisia is based on Frank Miller’s upcoming graphic novel that takes Xerxes, the Persian leader who is an antagonist in 300, and turns him into more of a pivotal figure. He’s a man in search of godhood after the death of his father, battling an Athenian warlord named Themistocles. The story takes place over the course of several years, but the focal point is the battle of Artemisium, which occured in 480 BC.

The film is apparently being shot in the same visual style that Zack Snyder did for 300, which means heavy green screen and massive grain.

I’m not too sure about this one. 300 was a good film, but just a tad over rated and over used in pop culture. I was kind of glad that it has died down over the years, but now they want to bring it back with a Xerses spin-off?

That guy was a creep and I don’t really want to see another movie with him and his freakishly tall self sporting some gold chains. I doubt it will be able to get anywhere close to Snyder’s 300 in terms of quality and style. No one can really replicate his eye for visuals and effects, but let them try and fail!

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