I don’t want Android 5.0 Lollipop

Every device at some point will lose support from their manufacturer. Sometimes this is a big deal, like in the case of the Galaxy Nexus, or sometimes it isn’t, like the HTC One Mini 1 and 2. Earlier this month, the HTC One Mini series was discontinued and the support for both models was closed. I just found this out last week, despite the fact that my significant other actually owns the One Mini 2. I was a little perplexed when I found out this device, which is around a year old lost support from HTC, but at the same time I think that might be a blessing.

I was dreading the day that the HTC One Mini 2 would receive the Lollipop update because I knew two things would happen. Some bugs would be fixed but many more bugs would appear. It is impossible to say what bugs would appear, but I know from past experience working at Verizon that my SO would much prefer to have the old software back. But to tech bloggers and early adopters such as myself, this is weird behavior, but I now understand it.

I was dreading the Lollipop update because I got to watch from afar how other devices and people handled it. Since Lollipop came out, I graduated college and moved onto a new job outside of the technology world. I no longer get to see the problems of the phone world first hand. Next, my daily driver as of writing is an iPhone 6, so I already had my woes with iOS 8 in September. Long story short, I got to watch the Android world explode as they realize that Android 5.0 was not as polished and stable as they would have hoped. And now, even though having an “obsolete” device in home is not ideal (I am an early adopter remember), Android 4.4 Kit Kat is a fine operating system and is significantly more modern than most other Android phones out there.

The HTC One Mini 2 is by no means the perfect phone, it has its own share of problems, but I know what those problems are and they are tolerable problems. In my experience at Verizon, I have seen many devices come through my doors which had received a large update and all of a sudden the device was no longer usable. My significant other actually owns the HTC One Mini 2 because her previous Droid RAZR M received the Kit Kat update and the bugs that came with it destroyed the battery life and overall usability. This generation, HTC forced our hands to stay on Kit Kat by discontinuing support for the One Mini 2 and I am actually fine with that. For this generation of Android I am happy to play it safe and stick with the bugs I know instead of deal with the bugs I don’t.

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