Nitro Circus: The Movie 3D Review

As Johnny Knoxville puts it: “Same mother, different daddies”. Nitro Circus is a group of guys (and a girl) who are all athletes and professional stuntmen/women. Led by the most popular of them all, Travis Pastrana, they take on the most ridiculously designed stunts and athletically put the Jackass boys to shame.

Brought to TV a few years back, Nitro Circus took over MTV as a sort of spinoff of Jackass. It featured a bunch of loony stunt men who would put their bodies to the ultimate test as they do flips on modified big wheels, dirt bikes, and cars.

Well, that sort of went away but they didn’t completely disappear. The NC crew is back and this time, they are taking it to the big stage. Or, I should say, the big screen.

Nitro Circus: The Movie takes you on the crew’s path to their big live show in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand. The Nitro Circus crew consists of Jeremy Rawle, Gregg Godfrey, Jim DeChamp, “Special” Greg Powell, “Streetbike” Tommy Passemante, Jolene Van Vugt, and of course, Travis Pastrana.

With that big list of expendables, they are set to take on any obstacle from jumping a hollowed out school bus to jumping a big wheel rooftop to rooftop. There is no limit of fear for them and they damn well show that with the stunts they pull.

With the movie’s budget, they pulled out some fairly big stunts. Not the biggest that they have done for the show (I believe they once jumped off the Grand Canyon) but they still add some “wow” effect in there.

As for stuntmen/women, the one who I think takes the cake is Streetbike Tommy. He’s the jolly fat guy of the group who can get pressured into doing anything if you offer to buy dinner. They get him to do the most unfitting things for the movie, and he does them shamelessly. Plus he’s a good sport and doesn’t bitch about it.

On the other hand, there’s the ringleader, Travis Pastrana, who bitches out at almost anything. I get that he has done a lot, has broken almost every bone in his body, and simply can’t afford to put his body into TOO much risk anymore, but he was turning down taking a big wheel through an 8 foot loop. Given that, he was bested by the only member with a vagina and a kid in a wheelchair.

He kind of makes up for it by doing some of the more fatal worst-case scenario stunts with a high success rate.

Another element to the movie is the interviews with celebrities and other athletes. They talk to the likes of Ryan Sheckler, Rob Dyrdek, Johnny Knoxville, Jeff Tremaine, and America’s favorite man-candy, Channing Tatum. They provide insight into what they think Nitro Circus is about.

The thing about the movie is, beyond the stunts, it’s not that entertaining. It’s sometimes fun to hear Travis ramble on nerdishly about how impossible the stunt is, but the cast as a whole doesn’t have as much charisma as the Jackass cast does. I know, I shouldn’t really be that concerned about how a group of friends interact, but half of what made Jackass entertaining to me was the fact that they do stupid shit, and then they immediately make fun of each other for said shit they were convinced in doing. I know, what NC does can potentially be fatal, but lighten up a little. Let the doctors be concerned about your friends health, for now just laugh at him while he’s unconscious.

With the letdown of how much of an asshole the cast isn’t, I was hoping the 3D was going to be great. That was kind of a bummer too. A few of the stunts were in a more cinematic angle and the 3D worked, but it really wasn’t utilized that much. It was just there as an added gimmick, but didn’t bring it full on as I was expecting.

All in all, Nitro Circus: The Movie delivered less than what I was expecting. I wasn’t even expecting that much besides some Jackass 3D quality 3D, but even I was let down on that. Some of the stunts were pretty cool, but again, the cast didn’t really click when it comes to funny antics and jokes, which makes these types of movies more worth it. I think they had better moments on the show than the movie.

Nitro Circus: The Movie 3D – 6/10

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