Nintendo Planning To Offer Paid DLC?

Nintendo head honcho Satoru Iwata spoke during an investor Q&A last week, with one of the key discussions being about the sustained success of their games; I mean, what good is critical success if you can’t keep units moving along steadily (i.e. Beyond Good & Evil, Psychonauts)? One of Nintendo’s answers, apparently, is providing users with downloadable content, and offering it for a price. Nintendo is no stranger to digital add-on content, having already released new puzzles for Professor Layton and challenges for Mario Kart 7. This would be the first instance where Nintendo has charged customers for new post-launch content, however.

Eurogamer reports that one of the big ideas being tossed about is that of additional stages in the hit 3DS title Super Mario 3D Land (which is probably on my list of worst names for a game ever, just behind Shaq-Fu. But I digress). I’d say that that’d be worth laying down a couple dollars for; it’s better than making people pay their hard-earned money for a few petty Mario Kart challenges. It’s also worth noting that paid DLC will more than probably be a part of the new Nintendo Network, the big N’s answer to the Playstation Network and Xbox Live. The service is also expected to be used only for the 3DS and the upcoming Wii U. Check out what the Big Man had to say:


In this fiscal year, we are in the transitional phase of platforms when a new platform has not penetrated well and even the software with the most potential for the platform can only sell as much as the number of hardware systems sold so far.

In other words, however, such software could sell for a long time to come. For instance, we anticipate that Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 will bring in a substantial profit in the next fiscal year and the year after that.

On the other hand, we will be able to do various things in the field of digital business. Up until now, once consumers who had bought a game got tired of it, they would never play it and it would never draw public attention again. Even if the game had the sales potential to other new consumers, they rarely actually bought it because the consumers who already had bought it would never talk about it again and the game would be considered an old one.

Having said that, what if we could provide add-on content through the network? As I referred to before, for example, this is the idea of supplying new stages to Super Mario users who want to play the game more but have completed the game and lost interest in the existing stages.

This will not only give us new profits but will lengthen the life of a product, in that it will never be out of fashion and can keep attracting public attention as long as many people play it.

Honestly, I’m all for DLC from Nintendo, so long as it’s done well. But what sayeth thee, dearest reader? You can start a discussion in the comments below or on The Daily Rotation forums!

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