Nicolas Windig Refn Drops ‘The Equalizer’

winding refn

We recently reported that after he wraps up Only God Forgives,that director Nicolas Windig Refn would be following that film up with The Equalizer, the movie version of the 80’s TV show, and that the film would star Denzel Washington.

Now, it seems Refn has dropped the project, which it seemed he had started to pursue over his long rumored Logan’s Run remake, which seems to have gone on the back burner since Ryan Gosling dropped out of that film.  He was close to signing a deal for The Equalizer, but something has made the deal fall apart, and at this point, no one is sure why.

The news doesn’t cover whether Denzel Washington remains attached to star in the film or not, but I’d assume just because Refn dropped out, that doesn’t mean Washington is out.  However, it probably limits the possibility that the film will happen as quickly as it was going to happen with Refn on board, since now they’ll be looking for a new director.  More on this as we hear it.

Source : The Film Stage

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