Nicolas Cage Superman Heist Film is Not What You Think It Is

In the ever-turning saga of Nicolas Cage‘s strange life,  THR is reporting that Lionsgate has picked up the screenplay Action No. 1, by Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant, who you might know best as Dangle and Junior from Reno 911!, but were also members of The State and have carved out a lucrative career for themselves, writing such movies as The Pacifier, Night At the Museum, and Let’s Go To  Prison,  as well as the Reno 911! movie.  They’ve proven to be a profitable pair, and they’ve kept their scripts wide-ranging.  The plot to the wild movie is stated as:

The real-life story of “a group of nerds who attempt to steal Cage‘s copy of Action Comics No. 1, the landmark 1938 comic that introduced the world to the Man of Steel.”

It was found last year, then Cage auctioned it off for a record $2.16 million last November.  The script was written with Cage in mind to play himself, but his participation is not likely.  I guess he doesn’t have much humor about the incident.  Apparently, Jason Statham won’t be playing Cage, although he was mentioned in league with the project a few times.  That would have been pretty funny, but it’s at least an indication with what direction they’ll go in for the film.  When we hear more about this project, we’ll be sure to let you know.  Most importantly, who should play Cage?

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