Nic Cage To Lead The Left Behind Reboot

The Left Behind series of films and books is one that some may consider the perfect telling of the end of the world or quite possibly the biggest laugh of a series ever. I’ve seen most of the original trilogy and while I’d rather not comment on the quality of said films I can say that I’d like to see a reboot, if only because a studio could guarantee some better production value.

What’s even better is the idea of Nic Cage leading said reboot of the trilogy. We all know Cage as a hit-or-miss actor that mostly rings in on the miss side, but his recent years have provided us with endless hours of entertainment. I honestly enjoy each and every film he’s in to a certain extent, because he’s an absolute blast. He used to take himself too serious, but now he’s embraced the other side and in doing so has given us some good performances, with some ranging slightly better than the others.

Don’t count Cage out, despite the numerous straight-to-home-video films he chooses to make.

The Left Behind trilogy just jumped up on my radar of films I’d actually like to see. How about you?

(via The Playlist)

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