Nic Cage & Richard Kelly To Work Together On Crime Flick?

Director Richard Kelly hasn’t had the most successful career ever since he shocked the world with Donnie Darko. He went on to make the criminally misunderstood Southland Tales and the creepy, but effective horror throwback The Box. Both of those films got mostly panned by critics and barely watched by audience members, yet Kelly has been a trooper about it all and has continued working on various projects.

First Showing is reporting that Kelly wants to do a crime film called Amicus and he wants Nicolas Cage to star in it. The two would make for a very unlikely duo, but I’m fully behind it.

Kelly is a fantastic director and Cage is at a certain point in his career where you honestly can’t judge the quality of his work until the film is playing on front of your eyes.

Filming is set to start in January.

Here’s a synopsis of the film:

“[Amicus] is based on the true story of Lawrence Horn, a former record producer and Motown Records exec who is currently serving a life sentence in prison for hiring Detroit-based hit man James Perry to murder his wife, quadriplegic son and the wealthy family’s overnight nurse at their suburban home in Silver Spring, Maryland. Horn’s son was the victim of medical malpractice and as the result of a subsequent lawsuit, had a trust worth nearly $2 million, which his father stood to inherit in the wake of his death.

Detectives discovered that Perry, who was sentenced to death in 1995 for the brutal crime, used how-to book “Hit Man: A Technical Manual for Independent Contractors” as a guide to execute the murders. The families of the victims went on to file a class-action lawsuit against the Colorado-based publisher Paladin Press.

The attorneys representing the families then hired Smolla, a First Amendment attorney and professor at William & Mary Law School, to consult on the historic case, which took five years to settle amidst a series of shocking and bizarre developments.”

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