News Segment Gone Interesting

This isn’t something that I normally do, however I saw this floating around the web earlier today. I found myself laughing a lot more than I anticipated I would.

Australia’s “Today” show segment starts out as a report regarding a possible shark sighting in a lake in Australia but it gets out of hand rather quickly. At first it’s just the news anchor having a bit of a laughing fit, but then once he goes to the reporter out at the lake he doesn’t get any help. What the reporter does next is hilarious. He casts out into the lake in attempt to get the shark, whether he is or isn’t there, but he gets a little surprise.

The most interesting part about this whole clip is the fact that it takes forever for the “Today” director to turn the camera away from the intense awkwardness between the news anchor and the reporter. Another thing that kind of shocked me was how far the news anchor took some of the jokes that he was making. It’s not something you would normally see on live television.

Check out the clip below and let me know what you think.

“Well that didn’t end well did it?”

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