Newest ‘Wonder Woman’ Trailer Promises Something Different

I really do love this new Wonder Woman trailer. WB and DC have been struggling to gather the interest of movie-goers with their disappointing entries that seem to keep coming one after another.

Batman v Superman was too dark and hopeless to lock into the souls of comic-book movie lovers around the world and Suicide Squad failed to deliver on that course-correction that they promised.

This leaves us with Wonder Woman, which comes boldly out of the background as a main character that can kick some ass and take some names. I love how different this trailer looks and feels.

I love that its full of hope, detailing the strong female lead in a way that shows her warrior/battle side, not to mention her task as a protector.

Chris Pine‘s hair isn’t too shabby either.

Does WB/DC finally have a winner on their hands?

Summer is when we find out.


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