Newest ‘London Has Fallen’ Clip Sets The Tone

I recently re-watched Olympus Has Fallen this weekend and confirmed with myself that it really is one of the better action films of the last five years. It’s just so over-the-top and violent, yet fun in its approach.

Gerard Butler knows exactly what kind of film he’s in and director Antoine Fuqua manages to make it brutal and bad ass, if only a little too dark at times (budget restraints perhaps?).

London Has Fallen comes to us this Friday and with it comes the general sequel notions. They rarely (and I do mean rarely) tend to top the original and almost always end up being bloated and empty. It’s like filmmakers forget what made the first film work, despite people ranting and raving about said highlights.

I’ve mostly been worried about London because of its director change. Gone is Fuqua and in is Babak Najafi who I’ve honestly never heard of and trust me when I say that a name like that wouldn’t just escape my head without leaving some sort of mark.

I have nothing against no-name directors trying to make a name for themselves, but I do have something against one of my favorite action films being placed in the hands of a rookie who could possibly fumble a possible soon-to-be franchise.

But this latest clip has somewhat eased my mind, bringing back that care-free tone in a way that winks and smiles at the audience, allowing us to calmly await for its release before passing full judgment.

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