Newest International Lincoln Trailer Focuses On Tommy Lee Jones, Still Bores Me To Sleep

Steven Spielberg‘s Lincoln is a long, boring and tedious piece of work. I found the film’s forcefully moody score mixed with the over-acting a recipe for a certified sleeper, but some are praising it much like Spielberg’s last failure War Horse. I won’t discredit Daniel Day-Lewis for his portrayal of one of America’s finest presidents to ever live, but I will criticize the film for doing absolutely nothing to make his story any more uplifting or powerful.

Anyways, this new international trailer tries its hardest to sell you on the film’s intense debates and Tommy Lee Jones‘ out-of-place wig, but you’ll probably end up focusing on the score’s final pushing moments and DDL‘s ability to capture any given scene.

Lincoln opens in limited release this Friday, followed by a wide release next week.

Watch the trailer below (via The Guardian):

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