New ‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’ Trailer Leaves Me Lukewarm


X-Men: First Class and last summer’s The Wolverine reminded me of all the good that comes with the X-Men franchise, despite the trilogy failing more than succeeding and despite X-Men Origins: Wolverine being a steaming pile of shit.

But still, mixing the two batches of films for the sake of it leaves me with a lukewarm reaction and the notion that Fox is simply trying to cash grab as much as possible before X-Men interest runs out.

I’m just worried that Bryan Singer and company are making this new film for all of the wrong reasons, whereas James Mangold‘s The Wolverine had a clear goal that it set out to achieve (and nailed), while X-Men: First Class wanted to be a straight-forward reboot.

Mixing the two, and shoving certain characters down our throats isn’t usually a good sign, but I still have a tremendous amount of hope in this project, because there rests more good than bad and by that I mean Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy and many more talented actors and actresses reprising their roles for a little bit longer.

I just hope that the story is interesting and full of dynamic and manages to maintain the proper balance between past and present/future X-Men characters.

Check out the latest trailer below:

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