New ‘World War Z ‘Images, Plus Paramount’s Ticket Experiment


Brad Pitt stars in the upcoming PG-13 zombie epic World War Z, which opens this Friday. Everything for the movie until this point has looked like complete garbage, yet there are some early reviews that have been leaning slightly positive.

I’m remaining as undecided as possible until I see the film for myself tomorrow. It honestly doesn’t look all that good, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if there was a good film buried under all of the CGI zombies and constant shots of Pitt’s luscious hair. Does he use product?

I’m kidding. But seriously, can someone ask him for me?

Anyways, Paramount is going to try this new ticket experiment out on World War Z, mostly because they need to generate some more buzz for the film and also because people are leaning more and more towards watching their movies at home and not in the theaters.

Here’s a picture below that details what one of their $50 dollar tickets include:


The price is a bit steep, especially when you factor in what you all get, but I can see people racing in for this one, if only to see it a little earlier. The HD copy of the film has me most interested, because I’m curious as to when they will release it. Will it be ahead of the traditional DVD and Blu-ray dates and if so by how much?

Paramount has also released a new batch of images for the film, which I’ve attached in a neat little gallery down below:

World War Z opens on June 21st, 2013.


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