New Viral Clip for ‘Prometheus’

Going into the next month, expect a lot more promotion for Ridley Scott‘s Prometheus, we’ve already seen multiple trailers, and a few viral clips starring Guy Pearce and Michael Fassbender.  The latest one, Quiet Eye shows Noomi Rapace‘s character asking the Weyland Corporation for help exploring mankind’s secret past, and I think we all have a good idea where it all leads.

Like the other clips, it’s likely not in the movie, or just a small scene in the movie, but it’s a masterful use of the viral clip on behalf of Ridley Scott for shooting them and 20th Century Fox for unveiling the story so slowly like movies used to be promoted.  We still don’t even really know what the hell the movie is ultimately about, and it’s more than could be spoiled in a quick clip, but for those who wish to know as little as possible, this clip might reveal too much about Rapace’s role in the film.  If you’re still interested, check out the clip below:

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