New Underworld Awakening Trailer

Do you remember the Underworld series? You know, that series that Sony owns that isn’t Resident Evil? This latest trailer for Underworld Awakening looks like a blatant rip-off of the last Resident Evil film. Both films boast the real 3D tag and spend most of the trailer time showing some slow motion action shots while the main female protagonist twirls through the air, slaying everything in her path.

Sure, Underworld is vampires and werewolves, not zombies, but the latest entry looks so damn similar to the last Resident Evil film and I can’t help but to laugh. At least Kate Beckinsale is back in the main role, sporting the very tight black leather and at least the series remains in the R-rated category, not worried about shedding too much blood. I’ve never cared much for the Underworld films, only having seen bits and pieces of the first two and the entire third film, which sucked by the way.

I’m more than willing to give Underworld Awakening a shot though. It looks like it’s using 3D properly and Kate Beckinsale is very easy on the eyes. Give me tons of action and blood and you have yourself a fan!

Underworld Awakening opens on January 20th, 2012.

Check out the trailer below, thanks to Screen Rant.

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