New Trailer & Poster For ‘Riddick’


Forget Fast & Furious 6. Vin Diesel is back in the action genre this year, but he won’t be driving cars or acting like a macho dumb-ass. Instead, he’ll be playing one of the most bad ass sci-fi characters to ever grace the screen, which is that of Riddick.

He first appeared in Pitch Black and then The Chronicles of Riddick. Say what you want about those films, but don’t deny them their effectiveness as pure sci-fi that’s entertaining and action-packed. I still think the second film is a bit flimsy, but the idea of a third one that returns the series to its R-rated roots gets me very excited.

Plus, it’s going to be on IMAX screens nationwide.

Diesel returns in Riddick, which series director David Twohy seems to be tackling with an understanding of what worked in the previous two films, while leaving out what didn’t.

Riddick looks dark, violent and exactly like what we need to get September rolling.

Here’s the latest trailer, followed by a poster:


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