New Trailer For Marvel’s ‘The Punisher’ Has Me Interested

The Punisher might always end up being one of my favorite comic book characters, yet he has had some struggles making it to the big (and small) screen. Dolph Lundgren‘s film wasn’t quite the iconic take on the character that we all had hoped for, yet Thomas Jane‘s was well-acted and emotionally-invested, but a bit “soft”, if we’re being honest.

I’ve always fancied myself a fan of Ray Stevenson‘s take on the character in Punisher: War Zone, but I won’t try to defend that gleefully violent piece of cinematic gold as a “well-rounded” take on the character.

Now, Marvel is trying their luck once more, taking Jon Bernthal‘s character from Daredevil and expanding him into his own Netflix original show.

I’m all for it, despite remaining cautious. I haven’t cared for much of Marvel/Netflix’s work outside of Daredevil, heck I still need to finish The Defenders, but I will give this one a go, mostly for the character.

I’m not sure if they can deliver on the story or if they’ll ever be able to top the action on display in War Zone, but let’s see what they can do.

This new trailer rocks pretty hard.

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