New Trailer for the 4th Season of ‘Arrested Development’

Arrested Development

In less than two weeks, Netflix will unleash hell. In less than two weeks, we will see an entire new season of Arrested Development. It’s been almost 10 years since the show got cut from Fox and with the help of Netflix instant streaming, they have raised such a demand that cannot be ignored.

Over the months we’ve had a few teasers: some on set pictures, tweets from the cast, and posters all hyping us up for some sort of video teaser. Well, good news! Its here. Check out the trailer for the upcoming 4th season of Arrested Development!

While the trailer has a different vibe from what the show usually has, you can tell they have loaded it with tons of reoccurring jokes and new ones in a similar fashion.

Arrested Development will return May 26 only on Netflix. Fuck yeah!

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