New Trailer For Sundance Thriller ‘The East’


Zal Batmanglij‘s latest thriller The East managed to stir up some positive buzz at Sundance. He re-teamed with writer/actress Brit Marling to make the film, which followed their successful film Sound of My Voice, which I have yet to see.

I did get a chance to catch The East at the 2013 Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival and while I haven’t finished my review I can say that the film was rather bland and left me mostly unmoved, which I thought was surprising, especially considering the agenda on hand. The film rarely strayed off of its predictable path and even Marling’s performance couldn’t save it.

Today, we’ve got a new trailer and it works fine when it comes to selling the drama, but having seen the film it certainly makes me not want to watch it again.

The East also stars Ellen Page and Alexander Skarsgard.

Check out the trailer below:

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