New Trailer For Piranha 3DD

This summer just got a whole lot gorier with the addition of Piranha 3DD to the lineup. Although its release date isn’t actually confirmed, the latest trailer mentions that it will be coming this summer. Director Alexandre Aja made the first Piranha an entertaining bloodbath, with a hefty amount of gore and mayhem. The sequel, titled Piranha 3DD, doesn’t look as promising, but it does look like it will top the first film in terms of sheer ridiculousness.

John Gulager is taking over directing duties and the film stars David Hasselhoff and Ving Rhames (with a shotgun leg). I’m all for cheesy 3D films like Piranha 3DD over studio post-converted garbage like Clash of the Titans. At least a film like Piranha knows how to make the gimmick work. I’m looking forward to checking the film out in 3D (seriously, who would bother watching it in 2D?) whenever it finally gets released.

Check out the official trailer below, thanks to EFDFilms.

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