New Trailer For Killer Elite

I still don’t know about this one. I’m all for Jason Statham kicking asses in a random action film, but the trailers for Killer Elite suck so much! Maybe it’s because of the horrible cover of Rock You Like a Hurricane or maybe it’s because it just looks so damn generic.

I’m a fan of Statham but mostly when he does weird stuff like Crank. The Mechanic was cool, but forgettable and don’t even get me started on the shitfest known as The Expendables. I still want to see this one though, mainly because Clive Owen is one of the most pure forms of bad ass and it would be quite a treat to see him clash with Statham. Oh and then there’s Robert De Niro.

Killer Elite opens on September 23rd, 2011. Check out the new trailer below, thanks to Collider.

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