New Trailer for ‘American Reunion’

Proof that franchises often exist purely because the stars can’t find work outside the franchise, to me, is the existence of American Reunion.  Having never been a very big fan of any of the individual films, I really have no passion to see the latest offering starring someone’s favorite high school crew, all growed up.  I suppose people my age that liked the films in high scho0l will find something worth looking at in these films, but after watching the latest trailer, I just don’t see it.

Many jokes are recycled, seemingly with the attitude of “We did this joke before, so this is funny that you remember we did it before”, which doesn’t really work for me.  Obnoxious characters, actors that haven’t improved in 13 years, and Y2K references are enough to keep me away, but the fact that I didn’t laugh once during the trailer is even worse news.  At least they got the original cast to return, at least the people they showed in the trailer.  However, I know there is a large base audience out there waiting for it, so for you that graduated in 1999, this one’s for you:

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