New Trailer & Clip For Chronicle

Chronicle is shaping up to be a surprise hit in February. Most studios jam the opening months of the year with mindless action and postponed films from the year before and yet buried under all of the mediocrity is Chronicle; a modestly budgeted found footage film featuring characters with superpowers. The film stars Michael B. Jordon, Alex Russell and Dane DeHaan and is directed by Josh Tank.

The first trailer teased the silly sounding concept, but added enough mystery to hint at something better. IGN has provided another trailer that expands more on the original trailer, adding a few more funny experimental moments while still keeping the origin of their powers a cliffhanger for the end.

What’s even better is the latest clip provided by Machinma that features one of the main characters ripping a spider apart. I like how the film touches up on little details that will most likely foreshadow later events.

Chronicle is being released by Fox on February 3rd, 2012.

Check out the trailer and clip below.

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