New Trailer and Poster for Metallica’s ‘Through The Never’


Metallica’s IMAX 3D film Through the Never is becoming more and more interesting with each bit of news that rolls in. From previous insights, we knew it wasn’t just going to be just a Metallica concert on the big screen, but an actual movie with plot starring that troubled kid from Chronicle, Dane Dehaan.

From this recent trailer that has been released, we get a little more of a look into what is going on.

What we can tell now is that Dehaan is a roadie for Metallica and one of the crew’s trucks is stranded without gas, so he has to go get their supplies. What Dehaan appears to run into is all hell breaking loose as masked people are riding horses and rioting in the streets.

I have to admit, they are selling this movie pretty well. It looks interesting. An over glorified Metallica concert tied in with an apocalyptic theme. Along with this trailer we also get a new poster!

Metallica Through the Never Poster

As you saw before the trailer and in the bottom left of the poster, this movie is actually rated R for some violent content ad language. While I’m sure it’s mostly rated that for some naughty language, I cant help but hope they somehow incorporate some pretty violent action scenes in here.

What do you think? Is this turning out to be actually something to see?

Source : The Film Stage

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