New Super Mario Bros. 2 Announced For 3DS

It looks as though the previously untitled Super Mario handheld sidescroller has finally revealed itself as being the highly anticipated sequel to New Super Mario Bros., released six years ago in 2006 with New Super Mario Bros. Wii being released in 2009. Announced through a Nintendo Direct conference, no video footage was shown, but a handful of screenshots were. Judging by one of the screenshots, it would appear that the tanooki suit…er-racoon tail…sheesh. The power leaf makes its triumphant return to a 2D plane (Damn you, PETA!). It’s also known that a new power-up will be included, which transforms Mario into what looks to be a golden variation of metal Mario from his N64 days.

Nintendo has given the game a tentative release date for North America and Japan (and likely all other territories) of August 2012. Be on the lookout for more news about New Super Mario Bros. 2 and other Nintendo-related news at this year’s E3.[Source: Joystiq, Nintendo]

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