New ‘Star Wars’ Film Every Summer Beginning In 2015?


Does that not sound like the worst idea ever?

This is coming from a childhood Star Wars fan that grew up on the originals and even sat through the prequels.

According to various sources J.J. Abrams hasn’t even started production on Star Wars: Episode VII, yet the studios want his film on screens by summer of 2015 and then a new film every year after. The plan is to alternate between a sequel and a spinoff, which could mean new Star Wars films every year for decades.

Kill me now.

Nothing is worse than overpopulating the market with the same shit, even if it’s toyed with. I can see good things coming of this, because I’m sure there are directors out there that could really get creative, but I see Disney playing it safe for the first few films, which means hiring hacks that will be too afraid to take liberties with the material.

Are you okay with this much Star Wars in such a tight time frame?


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