New Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer Makes The Masses Pee Their Pants


Alright, guys, here’s the situation. We’ve got a new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer on our hands, and it features the following: humongous fallen Star Destroyer, burned Darth Vader helmet, R2-D2, Skywalker robot hand, Princess Leia‘s hand (holding Anakin‘s lightsaber for the first time), Stormtroopers, X-Wings doing X-wing stuff, TIE Fighters doing TIE Fighter stuff, bad dark side guys looking menacing, new heroes doing heroic stuff, and the Millennium Falcon flying through that humongous fallen Star Destroyer. Take a peek, it’s perfect.

Oh, by the way, Han Solo and Chewbacca are in the trailer too. The newest installment in the senior franchise is due to be released December 18th, 2015. Consider this your unofficial welcome to The Daily Rotation 2.0.

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