New SSX Gameplay Trailer

The EA Sports crew looks to be putting an emphasis on depth in the new SSX title, which totes a “massive world” to explore, and is due out in North America on February 28th, 2012 for PS3 and Xbox 360. Today, however, we get to feast our eyes upon a brand new gameplay trailer, titled “This is SSX”.┬áThe footage shown showcases the over-the-top gameplay that the franchise is known for, and that’s A-OK with me. Players will be boarding on several different mountains from nine real-life mountain ranges.

Also noteworthy in the trailer are the visuals; everything is looking phenomenal, from the scenery in the background, to the snow that sprays behind the boarder as they rip down the mountainside. The added exploration should be a welcome addition to the series, and the multiplayer looks wildly entertaining. Every previous title in the series has received generally favorable reviews, so here’s to hoping that the trend continues.

Having only owned the original SSX, this is looking like a day one purchase for me. And really, isn’t making people want to buy a product the entire point of creating a trailer in the first place? Never before has there been so much hype surrounding a snowboarding title. Is anybody else as excited to play some SSX as I am?

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