New ‘Spider-Man’ Suit For ‘Civil War’? Have They Found Their Villain?

Spider-Man rumors have been swinging left and right ever since Jon Watts was confirmed to direct and Tom Holland to star.

Also, our favorite web-slinger appears to be making more than a brief cameo in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War, with rumors hinting that both his Peter Parker and Spider-Man persona’s will be in full swing.

Now, there’s rumors that we may very well see multiple costumes in Civil War, with a more homemade getup being revealed at first, with a much more fancy Tony Stark-designed costume to pop up later, which would mean that Spidey sides with Iron Man during this Civil War.

This could also lead into the solo Spider-Man film, which is scheduled for 2017 and now has Kraven rumored to be the main baddie.

More info is likely to come, plus we’ll know for sure what Spider-Man is truly up to next when Captain America: Civil War drops in May.

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